DUI Attorney

The Pennsylvania DUI law offices of G. Robert Cooper, Esq., are proud to represent clients in the greater Oakmont & Fox Chapel area. If you’re convicted of a DUI, you run the risk of having your driver’s license revoked, and, depending on your driving and criminal past, you could be faced with vehicle forfeiture and jail time. DUI is a difficult criminal case to defend, as cases are often based on a police officer’s direct observation and chemical testing. We have handled numerous DUI, underage drinking and public intoxication cases and are prepared to investigate all of the factors of your case, help you explore your options, and fight for your rights.

Most cases are billed on a flat-fee basis negotiated by the client and the firm prior to representation. Oakmont & Fox Chapel DUI defense lawyer G. Robert Cooper, Esq., helps clients dispute resolution cases. As an experienced Oakmont driving under the influence attorney, G. Robert Cooper, Esq., has been helping clients in Western Pennsylvania for many years. Call our Oakmont, Western Pennsylvania drunk driving defense attorney at (412) 826-0600 for your free consultation today!

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