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How to Handle Your Loved One's Estate

Get help from an experienced wills attorney in Oakmont, PA

Have you been named executor of a will? You have enough to deal with during your time of grief. A wills and trusts attorney can offer sound legal advice based on years of estate administration experience.G. Robert Cooper, Esq., Attorney at Law executes wills in Fox Chapel & Oakmont, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Dial (412) 435-4699 right away to set up a consultation.

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Administering wills and trusts in Western PA

The first part of administering wills and trusts is will validation. Will contests, multiple wills and will format problems can all create confusion. Turn to us if you're experiencing issues with a:

  • Notarized will: Even a notarized will can be called into question for a number of reasons.

  • Handwritten will: Handwritten wills are considered valid in Pennsylvania, as long as certain provisions are met.

  • Nuncupative will: Pennsylvania does not recognize nuncupative, or oral, wills.

As a will isn't valid until after a person's death, and because powers of attorney cease after the person passes, the court has to sort out any confusion. Will administration doesn't need to be a nightmare. Contact a wills attorney in Fox Chapel & Oakmont, PA today to simplify the process.