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Estates & Probate Attorney in Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Don't Navigate Probate Court Alone

Is your loved one's estate tied up in Pennsylvania probate court? Turn to G. Robert Cooper, Esq., Attorney at Law. G. Robert Cooper, Esq. handles probate law matters in Oakmont & Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Even if your loved one died with a will in place, their estate will still have to move through the process of probate.

Without a will, however, the state will distribute the estate according to probate law. Find out what will become of your loved one's estate. Arrange for a free estates and probates consultation today by calling (412) 435-4699.

Get Professional Guidance

Take the stress out of estate administration

Bob has been helping clients in the Oakmont, Pennsylvania area with estates and probates for many years. As a skilled estate administration attorney, he can...

  • Explain the probate process to you

  • Make sure everything is filed correctly

  • Help you settle your loved one's estate

Work with an attorney who makes the probate estate administration process simple. You can choose to use our estate administration services on an hourly basis or for a flat fee negotiated in advance.

Compassionate Legal Representation for Your & Your Family

Tackling estate planning and probate matters can feel overwhelming and never-ending. With the help of Bob Cooper, you will feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders as he begins working with you. You don't have to feel like you need to do all the work; let Bob guide you in the right direction through his collaborative approach.

You are the most familiar with your assets and how you want to distribute them, and Bob knows strategies that can make for an efficient estate and probate process. Call his office in Oakmont, Pennsylvania today to schedule a consultation so you can start preparing for the future.

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