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Annual Gift Tax and Estate Tax Exclusions are Increasing in 2022

The amount you can gift to any one person without filing a gift tax form is increasing to $16,000 in 2022, the first increase since 2018. The federal estate tax exclusion is also climbing to more than $12 million per individual.

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This is a general description of the steps, and the timing of the steps, usually needed for the administration of an estate in Pennsylvania.

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Powers of Attorney - Are They Necessary?

A properly drafted Power of Attorney will allow your spouse, children or loved ones to assist you through difficult times without having the expensive Guardianship involvement.

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Do I Need a Will?

Many people die without ever having taken the time to write a will. What happens in that situation? The answer is set by state legislation.

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If you have a credit equivalent trust DO YOURSELF A FAVOR

Believe me when I say this is important to the surviving spouse. Of course I would be happy to discuss this issue, but don’t hesitate! Do yourself this favor.

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